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Meyer Media Mastering
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Welcome to Meyer Media Mastering, a studio that goes beyond what most can offer.

Here at Meyer Media we listen to your dreams and make them reality. Your music is our priority; creating a product to stand out from the masses, so you are not just heard but adored. We can spotlight your music to provide the desired result. Mastering is not just “plug and play” but a skilled craft in the creation of art. We never loose sight of your creativity and vision. From preproduction to post, to final delivery of masters in the format of choice, you are in talented hands with Meyer Media.

Besides professional results, we want you to be as comfortable as possible during this all important process. You can master your project from anywhere in the world by utilizing our FTP site. Just upload your tracks and listen to the results on your own playback system. If you feel more comfortable attending, we welcome you to schedule a time to visit us for your personal mastering session. Want to explore analog tape mastering, or mastering from stems? No problem. We specialize in catering to these requests and many of our projects are completed to manufacture high resolution digital to audiophile vinyl records. Give us a call to discuss your needs or just click here to get started.

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