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Your music should be the most important thing to you, because it is to us. For this we ask that you supply your mixes in the following manner:

  • When in doubt, do not compress or limit your mixes. It is best if you leave that up to us and you should mix so there is at least 2-3db of headroom. This allows us to work with your music and apply the proper dynamics without having to counter any possible peak distortions or high frequency pumping.
  • We can take any format, but professional is where you need to be. Please do not ask us to master from mp3’s or any other compressed format files. We can provide you with high quality formats for web broadcasts, but we prefer starting with a minimum of 44.1kHz / 16bit files. That is the lowest resolution you should be working with. The type is not a problem, but WAV and AIF makes us happy. Should you have another format consideration, just contact us as we can discuss your situation.
  • Analog tape should come with a set of tones recorded on the same machine as the mixes were recorded. Quarter or Half inch, 15 or 30 ips is fine and if you have dolby, not a problem. Just have everything properly labeled.
  • If this is a reissue from older tape or even pre tape (78’s, shellac, lacquers, transcriptions etc.), please contact us. We love discussing these older reissue projects.
  • SACD – please contact us. This audiophile format is a favorite amongst us here and we would like to talk to you.

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