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With over 14 years of experience, Meyer Media brings you the finest in mastering and audio production. Our work has garnered top Billboard charting and Grammy Awards.
Services Provided:

  • Mastering of final mixes from stereo to stems. Surround mastering is also available.
  • Analog mastering. We have the expertise to get you a pristine transfer so all that analog warmth gets retained.
  • Reissue from historical mono tape to multi track, we can mix and master to your needs on our expertly maintained playback decks.
  • Restoration. From disc transfers to full restoration, we have specialized in this specific work to retain and repair historical reissues from the pre tape era.
  • Remote Recording. Meyer Media has traveled across the country recording some of the finest musicians and ensembles. From the LA Philharmonic to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, from Joes Pub, Jazz Standard, to outdoor festivals, no venue is off limits. We have provided top tier production for the best. Contact us for your needs and a quote.


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