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Kristen Stoner

kristen stoner

"Each work on this disc is unique, yet there are important unifying characteristics. All of the works presented here are programmatic in some way, either overtly representing a story or scene, or taking influences from a specific culture or tradition in a more general way. Another crucial trait is that each work explores a different color, timbre, and expressive capability of the solo flute. From simple joy to pained anguish, playfulness to solemn introspection, unrequited love to soulful passion? through these compositions the solo flute is able to express an incredible variety of human emotion. Also, these works were all composed in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, after the development of the modern flute - an instrument capable of technical and expressive feats never imagined by composers of earlier periods." - Kristen Stoner

Dr. Kristen Stoner introduces you to the flute as you never before experienced. Sensual colors with unfailing technique, modern bravado meets personal reflection. In this debut CD Kristen brings you Images of life to reflect and remember. Be awed at the ease in which Ms. Stoner performs from the acrobatic feats of Shulamit Ran's "East Wind", to suave lushness of Cesar Vivanco Sanchez' "Fantasia Andina". Or perhaps the playfulness of Shafer Mahoney's "Six Miniatures" will warm your heart next to the masterpiece, Debussy's "Syrinx". These Images will bring you to a new level of understanding flute music, and perhaps yourself. Order your copy today!

Tracks include:
Image - Eugène Bozza
Kokopeli - Katherine Hoover
East Wind - Shulamit Ran
Fantasia Andina - Cesar Vivanco Sanchez
Danse de la Chèvre - Arthur Honegger
Aubade - Libby Larsen
Winter Spirits - Katherine Hoover
Suite for Solo Flute - Ivana Loudová
Syrinx - Claude Debussy
Naribue - Kristen Stoner
Shenblu - Victoria Bond
Six Miniatures - Shafer Mahoney


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