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The Realm of Possibility

The Realm of Possibility
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"The character and argument of The Realm engaged me."  Pianist Curt Cacioppo performs a tour de force for this limited edition CD release.  Presented in small format art book, this release is sure to become a collectors item for its historical capture of Curt’s "engagement" of the solo works by award winning composer Mark Hagerty.   "The Realm of Possibility" is a multi movement masterpiece exploring variations of its self imploding motif.   From the universal beginning to expansive canvases of imagination, it is a work that will forever bring new discovery upon successive listening.

“Breaking your own rules is liberating…”  And this is exactly what composer Mark Hagerty does with the companion work After Duchamp.  Matching The Realm’ with multiple movements, this solo work can be engaged on harpsichord or piano.  Such freedom of interpretation often allows performer to wander into absolute creativity, or absolute chaos.  Maestro Cacioppo takes on this challenge with amazing insight and sensitivity, you are sure to feel new possibilities within yourself.

This release is limited to 1000 hardbound art book miniatures containing in depth reflections by Curt Cacioppo, composer interview by fellow composer Ingrid Arauco, and replica art prints by Michelle Samour.  Recorded in high resolution to bring Bösendorfer Model 280 No.48941 into your living room.

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