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B&W 802 Nautilus Series
Krell 600c
ProAc Near Field speakers
Stax and Sony V6 headphones

EQ and Dynamics:
Weiss EQ
Avalon 2055
Vintage Neve Dynamics
Summit Audio DCL-200

Mytek 8x192 ADDA with DSD option
Lavery Gold AD122 44/48
Lavery Blue DA (two of them)
Motu 896HD / 828mkII

Studer A820 quarter and half inch (stereo and mono on quarter deck)
Studer A807 half inch 3 and 4 track
(both Studers modified by John French)
Studer 12 channel analog mixing board
Dolby A SR

PC and MAC Computers and Software:
Custom Audiocube – fully loaded with all Cube-Tec VPI plug-ins
Pyramix with Mykerinos cards
Sonoma SACD production computer
Laptop based system for multitracks remote recording
Digital Performer
Bias Peak and Sound Soap
Izotope RX

Other Toys:
HHB Dual CD-R Burner
Yamaha SACD Hybrid Deck
Lexicon 300L, 300
Lexicon LXP81
Microphone list available upon request

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