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Kevin Robert Orr

"Within four bars, I recognize that a formidable, seasoned artist is at work...two minutes into the sonata's first movement and I'm hooked by Kevin Robert Orr's huge sound, pliable command of Brahms's thick writing, bracing sense of rhythm, and generous phrasing... leaves the heart elated at the artistry on show." Gramophone (UK)

"Dignity and a sense of scale...a developing sense of narrative..." Piano Professional (UK)

"First-rate playing, expressive and assured." American Record Guide (USA)

Experience Kevin’s latest journey completing Brahms cycle of Sonata’s.  These early works of Brahms have to often been overlooked, but here Kevin brings out the true artistry a budding composer has to offer.  Full of emotion and energy, there is depth and complex understanding of what is being stated through Kevin’s performance.  Here in this recording we capture a special moment in music history.  From the opening motif, to the contemplative Coda in the Finale, our journey through the soul of Brahms, touches ours via Kevin’s art.  Find yourself lost in this beautiful landscape by purchasing your copy today.

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